Monday, 13 August 2012

3 Tips to Fix Firefox Crash Problem

Some of the useful tips to evade Firefox Crash problems:

1. Elude opening of several tabs in a single window:

The first and foremost thing one can do is to avoid the opening of numerous tabs which would results in Firefox Browser crash and do follow this step even when you use Google chrome and try to open the tabs only within the range of 10. In case, if you need plenty tabs concurrently, then open them from a new window and at the same time don’t maintain many windows at a time and this leads to a crash again. Take the necessary help from the computer support service to elude the Firefox crashes further.

2. Clear Cookies, history and cache:

While browsing, we tend to open many sites which would be stored and recorded in the history, cookies and cache. In order to elude the browser issues, clear the cookies, internet cache and history in regular time intervals.

Follow the below steps to clear the cache, cookies and history:
  1. Select Tools from menu and click Clear Recent History.
  2. Fix the Time Range in order to clear all the sites which you have opened.
  3. Check history, cache and cookies are properly selected from the list of items.
  4. Now click on the Clear button.
As soon as it clears, the windows Clear Recent History vanishes then restart the Firefox in order to prevent the crashes. If you find difficulty in following the above steps, then immediately discuss your issues with the expert technicians from computer support services.  

3. Confiscate unnecessary Add-ons:

The Firefox's principal benefits over its competitors are its enormous public library of add-ons, which could be exploited to tailor the recital of the browser which you are currently pursuing. As soon as you perform quick installation and Firefox free download, you will also tend to install numerous plugins and extensions. With the installations of more Ad-ons, the firefox will run slow and will result in slow results.
Open the tools menu and select Add-ons to check whether the add-ons are properly installed or not and to increase the rapidity of the browser, confiscate unused add-ons and again restart the firefox and then you will monitor the numerous firefox launchers in a rapid time. Contact computer support services to seek more help on this.

You will get some pop ups while you are browsing. If you click on it, that will drive to some other page. Generally these are for promotions or for security purpose. Frustrating Pop Ups While Browsing, Some guidelines are here to get rid of them.


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