Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Why does Your Computer Freeze?

In most cases, your PC would freeze when you run multiple programs at a time. It is now when the RAM’s resources would decline actively handling transactions. The ultimate result? Slowness and hanging once the RAM attains its maximum level of 4GB. Another cause for system freeze is registry, which at most times is ignored by the user. It is highly imperative to scan the registry at regular intervals while keeping Windows recital levels stable at all times.     

A PC Technical Support service provides online/offline support to customers. Online assistance allows for expert on-the-phone assistance, while offline assistance would entail installing software in order to resolve the issue.     

Online Tech Support services, on the other hand, are only provided online, with assistance available 24x7 to suit the caller’s convenience. This form of technical support has gained its prominence globally with many relying solely on this form of help, as a time-relieving and hassle-free provision.

PC Tune Up service, meanwhile, is an online/offline service provided to customers facing computer slowness, reducing levels of productivity. This form of support will not only help speed up recital levels, but also attain a strong sense of customer satisfaction. There are many types of viruses, which will also slow down your PC and will make your PC non-responsive. 
Some methods you can adopt are as follows:
  • Delete unnecessary files and cookies
  • Perform disk defragmentation and scan the hard drive whenever necessary
  • Update Windows and anti-malware applications at regular intervals
  • Resolve registry problems
Additional solutions to decrease PC freezing instances would be by hitting the Num Lock button on the keyboard while ensuring the indicator light does turn on and off. Hitting CTRL + ATL + DEL also helps in terminating current tasks.

Always remember to allow sufficient time for your computer to turn before rebooting and to save any information before ending all your programs.

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