Friday, 10 August 2012

Computer Maintenance Checklist

There are two types of checklists maintained. Below are the categories mentioned:
Fundamental Computer Hardware Maintenance Checklist
  1. Always ensure that your PC, printer and monitor are wrought into a surge guard. 
  2. Regularly clean your mouse, computer's screen, keyboard and other needed components with cleaners and alcohol-free wipes. 
  3. Ensure that there is a good physical connection among all the components and monitor whether there is flawless air flow flowing through the devices.
  4. Ensure that the motherboard is not enticed to dust and debris and clean the dust evenly.
  5. Ensure that the CPU's cooling fan is toiling accurately without the presence of cob webs and dust. Accrued dust will hamper the functioning of the cooling fan.
  6. Seek the aid from computer tech support in case of any concerns. 
Elementary Computer Software Maintenance Checklist
  1. First and foremost thing you need to do is, identify the type of computer virus and fix antivirus software and update it in periodical basis and scan the virus once in a week. 
  2. Obliterate the provisional Internet files and follow the process. Click on the Internet Explorer and opt Tools Menu then select Internet options and Delete Files. Deletion of the files will consume more time and will obliterate it permanently.
  3. Internet cache must be cleared while surfing the sites, PC will store all the images and   web pages which are scrolling down. 
  4. Recycle bin should be kept empty and after deleting the files, again empty it evenly which would keep the hard drive sanitary and free from needless chaos. 
  5. Perform disk clean-up process and this will make you stay away from temporary and compressed files. To perform this process, click on Start Menu and select all programs and accessories and system Tools and finally choose disk Cleanup utility. 
  6. Obliterate the programs which are of no use that could enhance the recital levels of your PC. Perform backup process and fortify the data and restore them to avert system failure. 
  7. Disk Derangement utility should be performed in order to clear the disk space on the hard drive which is been stored by the needless information. 
  8. Restart the PC which would clean it from unsolicited mess.

Any qualms in this process, contact computer tech support and resolve your issue. 

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