Thursday, 23 August 2012

10 points to keep your Computer Privacy

Day by day for about 50000 PC’s are newly entering this technological world.  Without the usage of the internet, PC’s would affect a lot from the harmful softwares which would spread through rouge software, usb ports, cd and sticks etc. There are certain steps mentioned below to fortify the PC’s privacy:    
  1. Exploit the trusted software which is about 0.30 per cent with no licensed Windows.
  2. Never employ Admin account and always log in as a User.
  3. Employ real time fortification process and it should be deny based.
  4. Retain software particularly security patches up to date.
  5. Turn off redundant services.
  6. Incase if the internet is switched on, then immediately exploit firewall and switch on the router. Exploit password fortified wireless connections. There are numerous optimal solutions for securing the Wi-Fi network which wouldn't permit others to retrieve your confidential data. Generally many people wouldn't like others to utilize their connections which may lead to illicit events.  But in some instances, you may permit direct access to them.   
  7. Close off the shares.
  8. Employ secure connections (encrypted format). The intruders may find the connection, but they can’t access the secret info as it would be in encrypted format and never release the private keys to the unauthorized users, if not it would result in loss of information.
  9. Always try to change your passwords recurrently at least monthly once and set up the unique passwords with the amalgamation of special characters, numbers, symbols etc.     
  10. Don't allow others to steal your private information.
In case of any doubts in the above process on how to secure the computer privacy, contact computer support services at any time instance and acquire the accurate assistance from them. Beside these, there are many privacy aspects that one should focus on and should take up all the necessary precautions to safe guard the private data persistently. Consult Computer support services on any issues on this and ask them to provide necessary guidance on what to do and what not to concerning to your PC fortification.  

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