Tuesday, 7 August 2012

How to identify the Facebook Hackers?

Generally, in the recent years, it has been observed that hackers are stealing our friend’s contacts and personal information and are chatting with us as if they know us from years. This is a game that they want to play with us and will advantage out of it. 

I want to share a small instance which has happened with me: Recently I got a friend’s request in the facebook and I know her somewhat as she was my school mate, but she is of some other section, but I never talked to her. She sent me a message in the Facebook greeting as ‘HI’ and I too sent her message and we were talking and all of a sudden she asked me a favour claiming that she need a Prepaid recharge card and she is of helpless condition at that moment and she also boosted about me as im very calm and innocent in the school and she likes my attitude a lot and all other useless stuff. I took it in a positive way because I have the habit of helping my own friends, so though of helping her too. But suddenly I got a though for a second, that how could I send the card whom I never talked to her directly and how can she ask me for a help. Then I thought that she is not my friend, she is someone who wants to take advantage of my help. Then I told her to call me and gave my number and I mentioned that until unless you call me I won’t pass you the recharge card number. She told some story claiming that her cell is in repair and she is in distant place and she was planning to escape from me. This is how I found that facebook hackers would interact with us personally as though they are our friends. Take the assistance from online tech support and find out all the possible ways to stay away from such kind of issues.        

Contact online tech support and find out the safety measures in order to stay secure from these Facebook hackers!!

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