Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Be aware of new computer viruses

In this complicated business world, it is important to be cognizant about the PC issues and new computer viruses. In the recent years, snopes have confirmed a new virus which is rapidly spreading all over the world now days. All the internet users should be aware of this new virus and should also take proper safety precautions to not let this happen to you. Exploitation of Virus removal tools is also not in a state to evade and control this kind of issue. 

The internet sites like Hotmail, rediffmail and yahoo are in a pathetic stage now. Norton and Microsoft have identified a new virus in the internet. An email message will pop up to your mail named “Here you have it “and whose so ever will open this message will be in a great trouble and will lose their site account forever and at the same time, your system will be destroyed completely. All the significant data, folders and everything will go to vain and the person who has sent you the message will take the control of your site account and will access it. Personal information such as email address, password and your name will be directly steered to the intruder who has made this attempt to destroy your PC. This new virus is now ruling the entire world and is destroying thousands of PC’s. Spyware removal service is also not in a position to eradicate this problem.

It is also proved that all the latest antiviruses are not helping to resolve this problem even to a small extend. It has become a tedious problem and the intruder who has created this virus has named himself as “life owner”. All the PC users should be aware of this problem and should be in a state to provide proper security to your system in all the time instances. Spyware removal tools are also not applicable to these kinds of problems and the PC users are suffering a lot and are not maintaining the site accounts. 

Hackers are also trying to inject a new virus into the PCs, and they are hacking the accounts. We should be aware of these kind of new viruses listed below.

Some of the recent viruses are:


Technician experts serving for Virus removal service can reduce the above mentioned viruses by giving their optimal recommendations on how to mitigate these problems for the long run. With the help of the spyware removal, one can easily eliminate these kinds of tedious problems to a greater extent and can provide all the required suggestions to stay away from these concerns permanently. There are numerous ways to detect these issues and online tools are also playing a significant role in perceiving and eluding these risks to a maximum extent. 


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  2. I think, we should run a virus scan on a regular basis from our antivirus programs. However, I would like to add that those who do not have an antivirus installed on their computers, they can download a free, online virus scan utility from a trusted website like McAfee or Trend Micro etc. and run an online virus scan to scan their computers for viruses, spyware, Trojans, DNSChanger etc.