Monday, 30 July 2012

How to fix if USB ports that don't work?

Among all the latest technologies existing in this business domain, USB is also treated as an imperative one among them which wouldn’t trouble the PC users while performing trouble shooting. This facility has provided the usage of storage devices such as printers, USB flash drives and external hard drives. Device portability is also made easier due to this port. Apart from the desktop computers, smartphones and gaming consoles have also made easier with this port. The rapidity of the data has become faster with the usage of USB 2.0. In order to increase the speed of your USB port to a maximum level and to acquire the needful tips then seek for PC technical support service.
Whenever you monitor that these ports are dysfunctional, then it becomes tedious to connect the printers and other jump drives. In those situations, you may find that your USB device is not in recognition state and you will acquire all error messages. One can easily fix this issue by troubleshooting them. A collection of techniques on the troubleshooting are been elucidated below:     

Troubleshooting Faulty Ports:

In case if you feel difficulty in finding the issue, then you can easily rectify it by troubleshooting the ports and can apply a suitable remedy for that particular problem. While troubleshooting, if you find anything intricate, then seek the assistance from PC technical support service.

Restart the system:

Restart the PC when you encounter any issues concerning to drivers and if the USB ports averts functioning then restart your system for acquiring better results.

Run Device Manager

After restarting your PC also, if you are still facing the same problem, then run the device manager and if at all you observe that USB ports are not in a working condition, then type 'devmgmt.troubleshgootmsc'in the search box and run the program successfully.

Disable USB Controller

If the USB port is still not functioning then simply disable it and gain refix the USB Controller devices subsequently. In order to do so, click on the start button and enter 'devmgmt.msc' and run it. Detect the USB controllers on the windows and uninstall them as soon as your need expires and then restart your PC. You will find that USB controllers are refixed and the ports are in recognition now with which you can easily resolve your issue instantly. For further information, look out for PC technical support services.

If we have some viruses in the PC, those can be damage related windows drivers also. So, we may also have the chance of loosing access to USB ports. So better to use some anti virus removal tools which will defend viruses. We can fix some of the files which were damaged by viruses. Try to contact the Technician for better solutions.


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