Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Remove Ad-ware Threats That Norton Antivirus Can't

In some peculiar conditions, Norton Antivirus will not be able to delete the unnecessary files from the system. There are two reasons for this kind of behavior. The below mentioned reasons were identified by the Virus removal service and it is specified below:
  • Due to its Expiration
  • Due to intense technical follies    
So at that moment of time, rather than deleting Norton Antivirus, keep on updating it and download spyware removal tools and in case if you find Adware virus then note down all the names of those threats and follow the steps mentioned below:
  • Identify all the threats and open the boxes which include the full trail to all aberrant files and then close Norton Antivirus. 
  • Select the button Start and choose Run button. 
  • In the text field, type 'cmd' and then select OK, then you will find a DOS window which appears on your PC.
  • Enter 'cd\' and click Enter key which would change directory at the source of the C: drive.
  • Enter 'cd at the trail of the aberrant files. 
  • Type 'dir' when you enter into the directory. Then you will find another 'directory' which embraces all the files in a particular folder. 
  • Enter 'del ' emulated by the name of the aberrant file and obliterate it
  • Enter 'dir' to file the index, and reassure that the aberrant file has moved out 
  • Reiterate this procedure from Step 8 until and unless all files are moved out
  • Reiterate the same process from Step 5, if it exists more than one file and zero remainders in the directory. 
  • Enter EXIT and click “enter to close the DOS window” incase if all the files are moved out.
Virus removal service will help you in providing further assistance on how to delete these threats and viruses without the help of any antivirus applications and programs.  You may find tedious during the initial stages, but when once you are aware with the process then it would be very easy to identify and resolve the threats. Viruses can cause run time errors also. You can know about them here.

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